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1) Set up Google Tag Manager

LexisClick 12/06/2019


There is an old saying in marketing “50% of my marketing is working but I don’t know which 50%”. With most types of marketing, this is true but there is one place where you can measure everything and anything (even if most businesses don’t). Your website.

If you have the correct analytics set up on your website you can measure exactly what is working and what isn’t and why.

In future weeks we are going to show you a number of different ways you can analyse the performance of your website but there is one thing which could prevent all of this.

The technical side of setting up website analytics is the biggest barrier to overcome. If you need to ask your IT department or web developer every time to do something on your website it is going to slow you down or even stop you.

Google Tag Manager is a couple of bits code you put on to your website once which means you can track pretty much anything you want in the future.

This week we are going to help you get it set up on your website.


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