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9) Create a GTM Form Submission Tracking Event

LexisClick 12/06/2019

Form submissions are a very common top of the funnel action, whether this is a newsletter sign-up, registration for an event or even if they are just submitting a contact request.

Form submissions are often the key goal of your marketing activities and are often considered a key factor in segmenting different users into relevant categories.

There are three main forms that you may want to track on your website:

  • Newsletter sign up
  • Enquiry / Contact request
  • Lead capture

With no global standard for how forms are implemented into the code of a website, there are so many different variables that can be used to identify a successful form submission. As a result of this, accurately tracking form submissions is one of the biggest problems experienced by marketers. In this module, we will walk you through all of the possible intergrations, to allow you to find once that works well for you.

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