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4) Set up a Facebook Pixel

LexisClick 12/06/2019


If you use Facebook ads – or plan to do so in the future – the Facebook Pixel is going to be your new best friend.

You spend a lot of time, effort and money getting people to your website: are you really going to let the right people just leave and never come back after viewing one page of your website? We certainly aren’t and you shouldn’t either.

Have you ever viewed a product online, only to leave that website and be followed by advertisements on Facebook for that exact product? I know what you’re thinking, it must be fate – right?

WRONG, it’s remarketing.

Facebook Pixel allows you to remarket to people who have already visited your website, giving you another opportunity to capture them as a lead and hopefully convert them into a paying customer.

In addition to remarketing, Facebook will also create “look-a-like” audiences based on the data it has collected, allowing you to advertise to more people that are similar to your current visitors.

With your website and Facebook ads account connected, you can also get much deeper insights into who your customers are and follow their journey from Facebook back through to your website.

Other benefits of using Facebook Pixel include:

  • Use Facebook conversion tracking
  • Optimise Facebook ads for conversions
  • Optimise Facebook ads for value
  • Gain access to more Facebook ad tools and metrics

Plus so, so, so much more.

However, you don’t get any of these benefits without adding the Facebook Pixel to your website, so let’s get to it.


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